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By using some circuit the forward DC current of thyristor is forced to zero is called forced commutation.
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Answer : Natural commutation is also called as line Communication. The turning off of thyristor due to AC supply is called natural commutation or line commutation. If the thyristor is connected to AC supply ... connected to positive and anode terminal get connected to negative, this turns off the thyristor.

Description : Differentiate between Natural and Forced commutation

Answer : Natural commutation Forced commutation Source is AC Source is DC External commutating componants are not required  External commutating componants are required SCR turns off ... in controlled rectifiers, AC voltage controllers etc.  Used in choppers & inverters etc

Answer : Thyristor commutation means turning off thyristor.

Description : In a thyristor D.C. chopper, which type of commutation results in best performance ?

Answer : voltage commutation