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Unit of inductance is Henry denoted by capital H .
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Description : What is inductance?

Answer : Inductance is the property of Material by which it opposes the any change of magnitude or direction of electric current passing through the conductor. The inductance is denoted by L. The unit of inductance is Henry (H).

Description : What is the reciprocal of inductance?

Answer : This term is not exist

Description : effect of inductance and capacitance on performance of transmission line.

Answer : Following are the effect on performance of transmission line:  1. Due to inductance (L) voltage drop in transmission line produces.  2. Capacitor (C) draws charging current ... , transmission line efficiency, voltage regulation & also power factor of transmission line gets affected. 

Description : Self inductance formula

Answer : Self inductance formula

Description : Self induced voltage across an inductance

Answer : Self induced voltage across an inductance