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Yes DIAC can conduct in both direction.
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Description : what is DIAC?

Answer : DIAC is a two terminal and four layer device most DIAC have three terminals. DIAC stands for diode for alternating current. It conducts in both direction. It is also used for triggering triac.

Description : Draw symbol & V-I characteristics of (i) LASCR (ii) DIAC (iii) TRIAC

Answer : (i) LASCR:  (ii) DIAC:  (iii) TRIAC: 

Description : Describe triggering circuit for TRIAC using DIAC.

Answer : Triggering circuit for TRIAC using DIAC: DIAC stands for diode alternating current. It's a two terminal four layer bidirectional device. It conducts in both directions. DIAC is used for triggering TRIAC. ... of DIAC to the gate terminal of TRIAC reduces the harmonics.

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