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Wood, plastic, rubber, glass, and air etc are the examples of good insulators.
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Answer : Copper Silver Platinum Aluminium

Description : Name two good conductors, two good insulators, and two semiconductors.

Answer : In general all metals are good conductors, with silver the best and copper second.

Description : A bird sitting on a high tension electric wire does not get electrocuted because (1) it has high resistance (2) the body is earthed (3) it does not form a closed path for the flow of current (4) its feet are good insulators 

Answer : it does not form a closed path for the flow of current

Description : Figure out the odd statement about ceramics in the following (a) Good insulators of heat and electricity (b) Usually less desire than metals (c) Ductile in nature (d) Contains both metallic and nonmetallic elements  

Answer : (c) Ductile in nature

Description : What type of insulators are used whenever the conductors are dead ended and there is a change in the direction of transmission line?  (A) Shackle type (B) Strain type (C) Pin type (D) Suspension type 

Description : What happens insulators when high voltage passes through transmission lines whether it breaks or lose it's insulating property?

Answer : I think it will breaks when it crosses breakdown voltage .

Description : what are the examples of poor conductor ?

Answer : carbon and salt water are the examples of poor conductors.

Description : Compare pin type and suspension insulators on given points: (i) Position of insulator on cross arm. (ii) Position of conductor on insulator. (iii) Reaction on cross arm. (iv) Possibility of ... Replacement cost (vi) Maximum voltage level (vii) Effect on height of supporting structure. (viii) Life 

Answer : S.No  Points Pin Type insulator Suspension or Disc Type insulator 1 Position of insulator on cross arm It is fixed on top of cross arm by using galvanized steel pin. So it is ... so to maintain minimum ground clearance height of pole increase.  8 Life Less More

Description : Which have more free electrons: conductors or insulators? 

Answer : Conductors have many free electrons whereas insulators have very few or none at all.

Description : Superconductors are those elements (1) Whose conductivity is intermediate between metals and insulators (2) Whose resistance falls almost to zero at very low temperatures (3) which turn into insulators at very low temperatures (4) which conduct electricity only at super-high temperatures

Answer : Whose resistance falls almost to zero at very low temperatures

Description : The voltages across various discs of suspension insulators having identical discs are different due to:  (A) Surface leakage currents  (B) Series capacitance of lines  (C) Shunt capacitance to ground  (D) Series and shunt capacitances

Answer : The voltages across various discs of suspension insulators having identical discs are different due to: Shunt capacitance to ground 

Description : What is need of level measurement? Give classification of level measurement methods with two examples of each.

Answer : In almost all industries, vast quantities of liquid such as water solvents, chemicals etc. are used in number of processes. It is widely employed to monitor as well as measure quantitatively the ... a) Capacitance level indicator b) Radiation level detector c) Ultrasonic level gauge 3. Radar type

Description : What is renewable source of energy? State two examples for the same.

Answer : Renewable (Primary) Energy sources: It is defined as the sources that can be used again and again for the generation of electrical energy are called renewable.  Following are the some list ... ) and carbon dioxide  6. Geothermal Energy  Geothermal Electricity Production  7. Fuel Cells

Description : What is diagonal communication? Explain with two examples. 

Answer : Ans: A person working at higher level of authority in his organization may be required to correspond with a person working at lower level or vice versa; this is called as diagonal ... International. 2) In a seminar, Production Manager communicates with the workers, supervisors and General Manager

Description : What are the three types of styles? Give examples. 

Answer : Ans: The three types of styles are 1. Terminal – Ex: Datura, 2. Lateral – Ex: Mangifera, 3. Gynobasic – Ex: Ocimum 

Description : What are fasciculated roots? Give two examples.

Answer : Ans: Tuft of storage adventitious roots are called as fasciculated roots. Ex: Asparagus, Dahlia 

Description : What are assimilatory roots? Give two examples. 

Answer : Ans: Modified green adventitious roots that help in assimilation of carbon dioxide are called as assimilatory roots. Examples are Taeniophyllum, Tinospora. 

Description : Many elements are Greek or Latin names for a particular color, examples are Chlorine from chloros (greenish-yellow) and Cesium from caesius (sky blue). What is the element that was named from the Greek word meaning color?


Description : What are Schmidt, Cassegrainian, and Galilean examples of?


Description : What are selectable markers? Give two examples. 

Description : If Students Are Not Able To follow Your Lectures What Will You Do First? Options: A) You Will Make Your Lecture More Easy. B) You Will Try To Know The Cause And Find The Right Solution For That. C) You Will Start Giving Examples To Them. D) None Of These

Answer : B) You Will Try To Know The Cause And Find The Right Solution For That. 

Description : What are examples of telecommunication devices?

Description : What are some examples of a closed loop system?

Answer : C.L s/m. EX. Air conditioner (AC), rocket launcher, radar system, voltage stabilizer etc.

Description : Distinguish between dielectrics and insulators

Answer : Dielectrics Insulators 1. The materials, which are used to prevent the loss of electricity through certain parts of an electrical system, are known as dielectrics. 1. Insulators or insulating materials ... Air, N2 gas , CO2 gas, Silicon fluid etc 5. Examples-Rubber, Plastics etc.

Description : This group of alumino-silicate minerals is widely used in making electrical insulators (1) Bauxite (2) Chromite (3) Manganese (4) Mica

Answer : Mica

Description : State two insulators of following types along with their areas of application: (i) Class A (ii) Class E (iii) Class H 

Answer : Temperature class and withstand temperature ranges for them: 

Description : Describe with reasons the failure of porcelain insulators.

Answer : The reasons the failure of porcelain insulators : -  1. Manufacturing Defect:- Insulator may fail due to manufacturing defect. So, it must be tested before use.  2. Uneven Expansion and Contraction ... use of insulator for a long period, its dielectric strength reduces. So, it may fail insulator. 

Description : Classify the solids into conductors, semiconductors and insulators on the basis of band theory of solids. 

Answer : In conductors there is no energy gap between valance band and conduction band, they are overlapped on each other. So electrons can jump from valance band to conduction band easily and material ... band when some amount of energy is supplied to it. Therefore insulators cannot conduct the current.

Description : List the properties of line insulators in brief

Answer : Following are the properties of line insulators:  A) Electrical Properties of insulating material:- 1. It should have high resistance. 2. It should have high breakdown voltage. 3. It should have high ... of insulating material:- 1. It should have longer life. 2. It should have low cost

Description : In a string of suspension insulators, the voltage distribution across the different units of a string could be made uniform by the use of a grading ring, because it?

Answer : In a string of suspension insulators, the voltage distribution across the different units of a string could be made uniform by the use of a grading ring, because it forms capacitances which help to cancel the charging current from link pins.

Description : Explain the scope of Mechatronics in Industry. Give any four examples. 

Answer : There is no limit for scope of Mechatronics in industry. Due to mechatronics speed, quality, flexibility, sophistication and quantity of product has improved drastically. Marketing of product has also become simple. ... .  Examples :- MRI., CT-SCAN, Endoscopy Robotics Unmanned Air vehicle. 

Description : List at least two examples that show how static electricity can be generated.

Answer : Examples of how static electricity can be generated include combing your hair, walking across a carpeted room, or sliding two pieces of plastic across each other.

Description : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Answer : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Description : State two examples of active transducer.

Answer : Examples of active transducer: 1. Thermocouple 2. photovoltaic cells (solar cells) 3. Piezoelectric crystals. 4. Thermoelectric 5. Magnetostrictive 6. Electrokinetic

Description : State two examples of passive transducer.

Answer : Examples of passive transducer: 1. LDR 2. Thermistor 3. Strain Gauge 4. Resistive transducers. 5. Inductive transducers. 6. Photoconductive 7. Capacitive transducers. 8. Magnetoresistive 9. Thermoresistive 10. Electroresistive 11. RTD

Description : Define transducer. Give two examples.

Answer : Transducer - It converts one form of signal into another form. A transducer is a device that is used to convert a physical quantity into its corresponding electrical signal.  Classification - 1. Active transducer 2. Passive transducer 

Description : Give examples of different types of fuels. Also state any two advantages of liquid fuels over solid fuels.

Answer : Examples of different types of fuels:- 1. Indian Coal : It contain 30 to 40 % ash but sulphur content is less than 1%.. 2. Imported coal: It contents low ash about 10% but sulphur ... can be controlled to match the load requirements. 13. Rapid and efficient starting of the boilers from cold.

Description : Give two examples of trivalent and pentavalent impurities.

Answer : Trivalent Impurities:  1) Gallium (Ga) 2) Indium (In) 3) Aluminium (Al) 4) Boron (B)  Pentavalent Impurities:  1) Phosphorus (P) 2) Antimony (Sb) 3) Arsenic (As) 4) Bismuth (Bi)

Description : List four examples of insulating material and explain any two.

Answer : Examples of insulating materials:  i) Solid: Ceramic, Porcelain, Mica, Glass, Rubber, Resinous, Fibers  ii) Liquid: Synthetic, Mineral etc.  iii) Gaseous: Hydrogen, Air, ... and low hygroscopicity.  Uses: Insulation in electric field, transformer stampings, armature, pole stampings

Description : State the temperature with standing capacity of following class-insulating material class Y, class A, class B, class E. Also state two examples for each.

Answer : S.No Class of Insulating material Temperature withstanding capacity 0C  Examples 1 Class Y' 900C Cotton, Silk paper and similar organic materials neither impregnated nor ... E' 1200C  Cotton fabric, synthetic resin enamels. Paper laminates and Powder plastics

Description : Give five specific examples of things that are not science and explain why they are not science.

Answer : Varies

Description : How many types of secretary cavities are there? Explain with examples 

Answer : Ans: There are two types of secretary cavities known as Lysigenous cavities and Schizogenous cavities.  1. Lysigenous cavities: These are formed by the lysis of secretary cells. The cavities are ... secretary cells. The lining layer of cells is called as epithelium. Ex: Pinus resin ducts.  

Description : Onion and garlic are examples of a)Rhizome b) corm c) stem tuber d) bulb

Answer :  d) bulb

Description : A willingness to accept a raise of $2 an hour rather than $3, to acknowledge partial agreement with a specific viewpoint, and to take a partial blame for an infraction are examples of: (a) avoiding. (b) collaborating. (c) accommodating. (d) compromising.

Answer : (d) compromising. 

Description : All of the following are examples of chemically precipitated sedimentary rock except: w) limestone x) sandstone y) dolomite


Description : For a substance, density, solubility and melting point are examples of: w) physical properties x) amorphous properties y) chemical properties z) potential properties


Description : Cholesterol, testosterone, and estrogen are all examples of: a) proteins b) steroids c) nucleic acids d) alcohols


Description : Wmong well-known examples of this formation are Grindelwald in Switzerland, Bossons in France, Dinwoody in the United States, and Wilson Piedmont in Antarctica. Identify these cool formations. 


Description : If students are not able to follow , you should Options: A) give them prompt B) make the matter easy C) illustrate with examples D) All of the above

Answer : C) illustrate with examples 

Description : Out of the following, in which lesson, a general rule is explained first and then examples are illustrated? Options: A) Deductive lesson B) Inductive lesson C) Cognitive lesson D) Skill lesson

Answer : A) Deductive lesson

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