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Op amp is operational amplifier. Operational amplifier are use in ADC, zero crossing detector ,DAC, filters, Voltage regulators, Current regulators, etc.

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Description : Draw the circuit diagram for Instrumentation amplifier using three OP-AMPs. State its advantages and applications.

Answer : Application: 1. In Data acquisition from low output transducers such as strain gauges, Thermocouples, Wheatstone bridge measurements e.t.c 2. In Medical instrumentation, Navigation, Radar ... video data acquisition and imaging 5. High frequency signal amplification in cable RF systems 

Answer : 1 op-amp are required to implement this equation Vo = V1.

Description : Which one of the following 2G standard is used in Japan? a) IS-136 b) GSM c) PDC d) AMPS

Answer : c) PDC

Description : Used normally, a 150-watt, 120 volt light bulb requires how many amps of current?

Answer : ANSWER: 1.25 AMPS 

Description : What is the Output voltage of Op-amp for input voltage of Vi1=150 μV,Vi2=140 μV if the amplifier has differential gain of Ad=4000 and value of CMRR is 100. 

Answer : i don know