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Answer :

The capacity of capacitor is added and it becomes multiple of no of capacitors capacity
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Description : How will the total capacitance change, when two capacitors are connected in parallel?

Last Answer : The  capacitance  will  increase  if  connected  in  parallel  because  it  will  be  like  you  have  increase  surface  area  of  a  plate  by  connecting  it  to   another.

2 answers

Description : what will be the capacitance if three capacitors connected in parallel each having value of 0.5 micro Farad ?

Last Answer : the total capacitace when connected in parallel Tc=total capacitor c1=c2=c3=0.5uf Tc=c1+c2+c3 Tc=1.5uf

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Description : Three capacitors 15µf, 18µf and 12µf are connected in a circuit. Find equivalent capacitance when they are connected in – 1) Series 2) Parallel

Last Answer : Ans: Value of equivalent capacitance: Given: C1= 15μF, C2=18 µF, C3= 12µF  i)For Series combination of capacitors: 1/Cs = (1/C1)+( 1/C2) +(1/C3) = (1/15)+( 1/18)+( 1/12) 1/Cs = 0.0666+0.0555+0. ... Cs = 4.868 µF   ii) For parallel combination of capacitors: Cp = C1 + C2 + C3 = 15 +18+ 12 = 45 µF 

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Description : In a full-wave voltage doubler, are the capacitors connected in series or in parallel with the output load?

Last Answer : In parallel.

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