what is UPS and what are its uses?

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Ups means uninterrupted power supply

It supplies power when there is power supply outage. This is done by storing power in battery banks while power is on and then during power outage the DC  in battery is converted to a.c by inverters
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Description : what is UPS ?

Answer : UPS is Uninterrupted Power Source

Description : What is the need of UPS?

Answer : 1) An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is used to protect critical loads from mains supply problems including spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations and complete power failures using a dedicated battery. 2)A UPS system can also be used as standby system when AC mains is failed.

Description : Define transfer time and back up time of UPS.

Answer : Transfer time of UPS: The transfer time, sometimes also called switchover time, is the amount of time the UPS will take to switch from utility to battery supply during a mains failure, or from battery to ... is the amount of time for which the UPS will supply the power to load during mains failure.

Description : Describe working of online UPS. List any two applications of UPS.

Answer : Online UPS: The block diagram of the on line UPS systems is as shown, where the load is connected to the invertor through the UPS static switch. The UPS static switch is ... 4) Healthcare: hospitals, clinics and retirement homes 5) Telecommunications 6) Special projects (events)

Description : Explain the operation of UPS with a neat block diagram.

Answer : Uninterruptible-Power-Supplies (UPS): A block diagram of UPS system is shown in figure. It essentially consists of four major components: i)Rectifier (or battery charger) ii) ... . Due to fast action requirement, transfer switch can be implemented by fast acting semiconductor devices.

Description : What are even and odd harmonics?

Description : What are the main causes of harmonics?

Answer : Harmonic is a non linear load because linear load voltage deviated due to connection of some electrinie device such as converter,inverter

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Answer : J.B.Say

Description : State any three points of difference between online UPS and off-line UPS. 

Answer : On-line UPS  Off-line UPS An on-line UPS continuously powers the protected load from its reserves (usually lead-acid batteries or stored kinetic energy), while simultaneously replenishing the ... the mains power.  In this type of UPS frequency stability is always available. 

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Description : An electrochemical cell which is used as a source of direct electrical current at constant voltage under standard conditions is called a : (1) Power transmittor (2) Battery (3) Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) (4) Generator

Answer : Battery

Description : With the help of diagram explain working of UPS

Answer : The UPS delivers uninterrupted power to the ac load. It consists of the following functional blocks: AC mains section contains filter, transformer and rectifierIt receives ac supply, ... has synchronization circuits for smooth change-over from mains to inverter ac avoid waveform distortion.

Description : A UPS : A) increases the storage capacity of a computer system B) increases the process speed C) provides backup power in the event of a power cut D) increases I/O speed

Answer : A UPS : provides backup power in the event of a power cut

Description : A UPS commonly has following parts : (i) rectifier (ii) inverter (iii) static switch Which of the following is true ?   (a) only (i) (b) only (i) and (ii) (c) (i), (ii) and (iii) (d) only (ii) and (iii) 

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Answer : A) Fallacy of ambiguous major

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Answer : Time study equipments and its uses.  1. Time Stop watch- When a stop watch is used as a work measurement technique to record times and rates of working for the element of specified job carried ... and stopwatch in position.  4. Pencil, eraser, device like tachometer for checking the speed, etc.

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Answer : Properties Uses 1.Low Thermal conductivity 1.Used as thermal insulating material in domestics & industrial appliances such as motors, ovens, refrigerators.  2.Resistant to chemicals  ... 5.Low density  5. Manufacturing fiber glass by reinforcing with plastic resins. 

Description : What is difference between KW and KVA?

Answer : kW is kilowatt and kVA is kilovolt ampere. kW is unit of real power and kVA is unit of Apparent power.

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Answer : Bagasse is the fibrous residue left after sugar cane stalks are crushed to extract juice. It is a waste by - product of sugarcane production process. Uses: i) Sugarcane bagasse ash ... chemical stabilizer in compacted soil blocks. iv) It improves the mechanical properties in concrete formulation.

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Answer : Following are the types of Glass and its uses 1) Silica Galss : It is used for fibrous glass, rod, tubing, optical windows, laboratory ware and ultra violet transmitting filters. 2 ... Glass : It is used for industrial piping, cooking utensils and high temperature thermometers, laboratory ware

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Answer : Bat

Answer : A 12 bit counter type A/D converter uses a 1 MHz clock. If the full scale output is +10V, its resolution output is 2.44mV.

Answer : A 12 bit counter type A/D converter uses a 1 MHz clock. Its maximum conversion time is 4096μs.

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Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

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Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

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Answer : KVA - kilo volt ampere  Used to specify the transformer details

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