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Mainly in transformers
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Description : A transformer works on the principle of (1) Self induction (2) Mutual induction (3) Generator (4) Inverter

Answer : Mutual induction

Answer : Mutual induction is dependent on current changes.

Description : The bridge method commonly used for finding mutual inductance is (A) Heaviside Campbell bridge (B) Schering bridge (C) De Sauty bridge (D) Wien bridge

Answer : The bridge method commonly used for finding mutual inductance is Heaviside Campbell bridge

Description : State the effects of errors in dynamometer type wattmeter due to i) pc- inductance ii) pc- capacitance iii) mutual inductance iv) Connection.

Answer : Errors in wattmeter:  i) pc - inductance: Pressure coil inductance causes wattmeter to read more power than actual .  ii) pc-capacitance: The wattmeter reads less power.  iii) ... iv) Connection: In uncompensated wattmeter , the reading of wattmeter includes the powerloss in coils. 

Description : The differential coupling of two coils in series connection has self-inductance of 2 mH & 4 mH & a mutual inductance of 0.15 mH. The equivalent inductance of the combination is:  (A) 5.7 mH (B) 5.85 mH (C) 6 mH (D) 6.15 mH