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Answer :

1)no of turns

2)area of coil

3)length of coil

4)thickness of conductor
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Description : Mutual inductance between two magnetically coupled coils depends on (a) number of turns only (b) permeability of the core only (c) cross-sectional area of their common core only (d) All of the above 

Description : Write any two factors on which earth resistance depends.

Answer : Factors on which earth resistance depends: (1) The shape and material used for the electrode (2) Depth of the electrode in the ground. (3) The specific resistance of the soil around the electrode (4) Moisture content in the soil. (5) Nature of soil 

Description : Write the factors on which capacity of parallel plate condenser depends.  

Answer : Factors on which capacity of parallel plate condenser depends : A = Area of each plate d= Distance between two plate k = Dielectric constant of the medium  ε0 = Permittivity of free space 

Description : Over lap Angle depends on_________ a) Load inductance b) Loa capacitance c) Source inductance d) Source capacitance

Answer : Ans: Source inductance

Description : The mutual inductance of the coil depends upon: a. density of the coil b. stiffness of coil c. material of coil d. geometry of the coil

Answer : d. geometry of the coil

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