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The voltage across an inductor is directly proportional to inductance (V=L*di/dt*I).And the voltage is Also directly proportion to frequency.
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Description : A sine wave voltage is applied across an inductor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current decreases.

Answer : The question seems to be wrong. Increase in frequency would actually decrease the current through the Inductor. This happens because inductive reactance Xl is directly proportional to frequency. And if frequency increases the value of Xl would ... vice versa. Xl= 2*pi*f*L I=E/Z Z=sqrt(R^2+Xl^2)

Description : The inductance of a power transmission line increases with (A) decrease in line length. (B) increase in conductor diameter. (C) increase in spacing between phase conductors. (D) increase in load current carried by conductors.

Answer : The inductance of a power transmission line increases with  increase in spacing between phase conductors.

Answer : The size of the induced electromotive force is proportional to the rate of change of theelectric current. ... The self-inductance of a coil, or simply its inductance, may thus be thought of as electromagnetic inertia, a property that opposes changes both in currents and in magnetic fields.

Description : If the permeability of the core of a coil increases, what happens to (a) inductance and (b) true power in the circuit?

Answer : (a) Inductance increases; (b) true power decreases.

Description : If inductance increases in a series LR circuit, what happens to true power?

Answer : It decreases.

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