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Any energy coming from electronic devices
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Description : What is an endoscope ? (1) It is an optical instrument used to see inside the alimentary canal (2) It is a device which is fitted on the chest of the patient to regularise the ... used for examining ear disorders (4) It is an instrument for recording electrical signals produced by human muscles

Answer :  It is an optical instrument used to see inside the alimentary canal

Description : The bats can fly in the dark because (1) they can see the objects in darkness (2) they have weak legs and are likely to be attacked by predators (3) they generate flashes of light (4) they generate ultrasonic sound waves

Answer : they generate ultrasonic sound waves

Description : If viewed on an oscilloscope, the loudness of a sound wave would be associated with the wave's: w) frequency x) wavelength y) velocity z) amplitude


Description : Identify the ripples in the overall geometry of space produced by the acceleration of moving objects. w) Doppler effect. x) granulation. y) gravitational waves. z) elongation.


Description : When a stone is thrown in the calm water of a pond the waves produced on the surface of water in the pond are (1) longitudinal (2) transverse (3) both longitudinal and transverse (4) waves are not produced

Answer : transverse

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