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The semiconductor of purest form are called intrinsic semiconductor, (eg. Silicon and germinium) where as semiconductor made up by doping of other semiconductor called extrinsic semiconductor.(again extrinsic semiconductor classified as N type n P type semiconductor) 

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Description : State the impurities for obtaining p-type and n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semi conductor. 

Answer : Crystals of Silicon and Germanium are doped using two types of dopants:  1. The impurities for obtaining n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semiconductor are pentavalent impurity; like Arsenic (As), Antimony ... semiconductor are trivalent impurity; like Indium (In), Boron (B), Aluminum (Al), etc.

Description : Compare intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

Answer : Intrinsic semiconductor Extrinsic Semiconductor Pure form of semiconductor Impure form of semiconductor No. electrons and holes are equal  No. of electrons and holes are not equal Electrical ... e.g. Ge, Si semiconductor e.g. p-type or n-type semiconductor

Description : Why is an intrinsic semiconductor doped?

Answer : Intrinsic semiconductor is doped in order to increase conductivity of semiconductor. Doping increases majority charge carries either electrons or holes and majority charge carriers responsible for electric current. 

Description : Define (i) Intrinsic semiconductor (ii)Fermi energy level  

Answer : (i) Intrinsic semiconductor: The semiconductor in extremely pure form is called as intrinsic semiconductor.  (ii) Fermi energy level : The energy difference between conduction band and valence band is called as fermi energy level.

Description : n-type semiconductor can be made by adding ____ to intrinsic semiconductor (A) Boron (B) Arsenic (C) Carbon (D) Germanium

Answer : n-type semiconductor can be made by adding Arsenic to intrinsic semiconductor