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Uses of ceramic capacitors is as follows :

The ceramic capacitor is use in DC to DC converter.

The ceramic capacitor is use with band pass and band stop filter.

Ceramic capacitor is use in voltage dividers.

The ceramic capacitor is uses in high frequency circuits.

Ceramic capacitors are use for biasing applications.

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Description : List the uses of ceramic in chemical industry. 

Answer : Ceramics are used for following engineering applications: 1. Cutting io and dies 2. Molten metal filters 3. Bearings 4. Sealing rings 5. Bushes 6. Fuel injection components 7. Spark ... Filters 30. Rotors and gears 31. Electrode materials 32. Precise instrument parts 33. Grinding media

Description : Give properties and uses of ceramic materials in construction.

Answer : Properties: 1. It is hard. 2. It is bristle. 3. It is in the form of amorphous (non-crystalline) 4. The structure is glassy. 5. It is insulator thermally & electrically. 6. It is ... porcelain. 6. For making POP. 7. For making electric. 8. For Manufacturing of sanitary wares, pavers. 

Answer : Ceramic capacitor is made up of ceramic material layers where ceramic material is a dielectric material.

Answer : The capacity of capacitor is added and it becomes multiple of no of capacitors capacity

Answer : Ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made up of ceramic material layers and also the dielectric material in ceramic capacitor is ceramic material.

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