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Dc machine is classified as 

  1.  self excited
  2.  separately excited
  3.  permanent magnet 

Self excited Dc motor is further classified as 

  1. series wound
  2. shunt wound
  3. compound wound

compound wound is further classified as

  1. cumulative compound
  2. differential compound
Each cumulative compound and differential compound  are classified as 

  1. long shunt
  2. short shunt
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Answer : Dynamic or rheostatic braking,plugging and regenerative braking

Description : Which loss has least proportion in DC machines?  (A) Armature copper loss (B) Field copper loss (C) Magnetic loss (D) Mechanical loss 

Description : Fractional pitch windings are used in DC machines to (A) Reduce copper losses (B) Improve cooling (C) Increase the generated emf (D) Reduce sparking

Answer : Fractional pitch windings are used in DC machines to Reduce sparking

Description : In dc machines, the armature windings are placed on the rotor because of the necessity for  (1) electromechanical energy conversion (2) generation of voltage (3) commutation (4) development of torque

Answer : 3  Commutation