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Description : State any two applications of zener diode.

Answer : Applications of Zener Diode: i) As a voltage regulator. ii) As a fixed reference voltage provider in transistor biasing circuits. iii) As peak clippers or limiters in wave shaping circuits.

Description : List specification of zener diode

Answer : 1. Zener Voltage 2. Maximum Zener current 3. Power dissipation 4. Operating temperature 5. Dynamic Resistance 

Description : Explain with circuit diagram operation of zener diode as a voltage regulator.

Answer : The function of a regulator is to provide a constant output voltage to a load connected in parallel with it in spite of the ripples in the supply voltage or the variation in the load ... V0 = VZ is obtained across RL, whenever the input voltage remains within a minimum and maximum voltage.

Description : When biased correctly, a zener diode:

Answer : When biased correctly, a zener diode: Has a constant voltage across it

Description : Which stage is of a d.c. power supply uses zener diode  1. Rectifier 2. Voltage divider 3. Filter 4. Regulator 

Answer : Rectifier