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what is ammeter ?

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4 Answers

Answer :

Ammeter is a instrument which is use to measure current in ampere.
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Answer :

Ammeter is device to measure current flow in the ckt,it is connected in series with the measurand.
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Answer :

Ammeter is a device used for elctrical purposes ..... Ammmeter is used to measure the current in ampers and it is connected in series in a given circuit

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Answer :

An instrument that is used to measure the amount of current flowing in a circuit.

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Description : Write any two disadvantages of ammeter shunts.

Last Answer : Disadvantages of ammeter shunts: 1. Errors are caused because of change in temperature. 2. Most suitable for DC measurement. 3. Power loss takes place.

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Description : With neat diagram, explain the working of clip-on ammeter.

Last Answer : Working of Clip on Ammeter: Clip on ammeters are used to measure the high current flowing through bus bar, cable or fuse holders, which act as primary. It consists of split core current ... then clipped over the current carrying conductor. The dial will record the current directly. 

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Description : Describe procedure for calibration of ammeter with diagram.

Last Answer : Procedure for Calibration of Ammeter:  In this method, DC potentiometer is used for measurement of voltage across a standard low resistance.  Connect the circuit as shown in the figure, ... S = resistance of potentiometer  And the currents are compared for finding out error in ammeter.

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Description : How range of A.C. ammeter & A.C. voltmeter is extended? Draw suitable diagram.

Last Answer : Extension of A.C. Ammeter Range: The range of a.c. ammeter can be extended by using CT, the arrangement is shown in figure. The CT is current transformer having less number of primary turns carrying high ... high magnitude of source voltage. In this way range of a.c. voltmeter can be extended.

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Description : State the application of phase sequence indicator; clip on ammeter, frequency meter & P.F. meter.

Last Answer : Phase Sequence Indicator:  1. For finding correct phase sequence of supply  2. For obtaining exact instant of parallel operation of alternators.  3. For obtaining reversal of rotation ...  4. In electroplating industries   5. In various processes industries for measuring power factor

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